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Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hua Institute since its inception more than a decade, has been developing and selling all kinds of adhesive. It is now available for enterprises to solve most of the problem difficult to stick. And can be produced, cutting, foam materials, cushioning materials, sound-absorbing materials, EMI shielding materials, fire insulation materials, and other related products, precision die based on business requirements.

   Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hua Institute adhere to the professional development of materials related to science and technology, research and development production: Goldfinger tape, Teflon tape, double sided tape, electrical tape, anti-static tape, shading tape, PET double-sided tape, cable leather belt Mara tape, electrical tape, circuit board tape, acetate cloth tape, fiberglass tape, green tape, wall tape ...

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